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ECharts,一個使用JavaScript 實現的開源可視化庫,可以流暢的運行在PC 和移動設備上,兼容當前絕大部分瀏覽器(IE8/9/10/11,Chrome,Firefox,Safari等),底層依賴輕量級的矢量圖形庫ZRender,提供直觀,交互豐富,可高度個性化定制的數據可視化圖表。

ECharts 提供了常規的折線圖、柱狀圖、散點圖、餅圖、K線圖,用於統計的盒形圖,用於地理數據可視化的地圖、熱力圖、線圖,用於關係數據可視化的關係圖、treemap、旭日圖,多維數據可視化的平行坐標,還有用於BI 的漏斗圖,儀錶盤,並且支持圖與圖之間的混搭。

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EasyAutocomplete is a highly configurable jquery autocomplete plugin. It supports local and remote data sets (JSON, XML and plain text), uses ajax method calls, allows to search, sort and match the response phrase. It lets you use a couple of different list templates and even offers you possibility to create your own list template. As one of the best jquery autocomplete plugins, EasyAutocomplete supports callback handles, so it can be configured to run functions on specific events. It has a couple of interesting, clean, modern build in css styles, so your autocomplete list can look really professional (no images requirement). You can check them out in themes – section. EasyAutocompelte extension is written in javascript and has only one dependency, which is, obviously jQuery.